Sonata’s Restaurant

Sonata’s Restaurant is a refreshing take on bringing European dining to the valley with an elegant flair and fresh, seasonal ingredients. Never to shy from an enlightening experience, I was dying to try this local spot out for some unique, interesting flavors different from the every day “go-to”. Sonata’s claim to a “food is life” philosophy shines through on a menu sprinkled with signs of the owner’s Lithuanian heritage alongside¬†traditional aspects, twists of innovation and the chef’s exquisite technique! So whether you are local and craving exotic cuisine, or European and missing the tastes of home, this is a restaurant you do not want to miss!


The low, elegant lighting and incredibly sophisticated decor are refined yet non-pretentious and inviting. Comfy seating and booths laid the path for a wonderful dining experience as I sunk right in to my surroundings. Head bartender/mixologist, Will, whipped up some incredible cocktails for my taste buds to start the evening. The first was a Rose Sangria with a hint of whiskey, soaked with caramelized peach that brought a fresh perspective to a drink that typically is red and deep. This was different! It was fresh and bright and frankly, quite innovative.

Kepta Duona
Kepta Duona

Guess what it went perfectly with? Kepta Duona. Never heard of it? I hadn’t either. But the description on this traditional Lithuanian read as follows: “crispy rye bread tossed in duck fat aioli & havarti cheese”. Oh, and it also was said to be “Best Thing I Ate in 2016 Phoenix New Times”. It was a hard sell.. Not. This sinfully delicious dish could not have been richer and more decadent but addictive simultaneously. To accompany it, my guest and I enjoyed a side of Pomme Frittes, because of course. Talk about an addictive way to start the evening strong.

Chicken Kotleti
Chicken Kotleti

For dinner, I went with the recommended dishes of Chicken Kotleti; pan seared ground patty, Boursin mash, cabbage slaw, and chicken gravy as well as the Potato Crusted Whole Trout with tomato caper relish and white wine sauce. Even the plates these decadent dishes were served on were unique and beautiful; accentuating the color and dimension of the ingredients. It’s official – I’m in love with Lithuanian cuisine! These are the kind of dishes that leave you dreaming of them and craving more.

Potato Crusted Whole Trout
Potato Crusted Whole Trout

One incredibly unique and exciting part of the atmosphere and experience at Sonata’s is the seasonal cocktail selection and bar talent. Craft cocktails are making their way to the valley and this bar is the perfect example of how to do it right. Simple ingredients in to complicated cocktails with an outcome that is nothing short of wonderful.

Sonata's Bar
Sonata’s Bar

We’ll be back for much more of the Kepta Duona, infused sangria, and a little live music on the weekends! See you there, foodies!

Cheers and Bon Appétit, Food Lovers!


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