88.7 The Pulse

Have you heard of 88.7 The Pulse? I sure hope so! This super hip radio station is the soundtrack of a lot of the Elite family’s car rides as we head around to visit our restaurant partners. We recently were on air with the Pulse family to spread the word about Elite and to donate some free Platinum Memberships to their listeners! If the tunes coming from the speakers don’t make you want to dance, something might be wrong with your rhythm. Their on-air personalities, like Steve and Jonathan are there to offer up anecdotes and life hacks that will entertain you all day long!


What’s super cool about 88.7 The Pulse is that they are actually part of the East Valley Institute of Technology and the station serves as the core center to an incredibly hands on learning environment for high school students to learn audio production, radio advertising, promotions, image branding, marketing and news writing. I took a tour of the floor and classrooms myself and it certainly made me want to grab my back pack and join them all. State of the art technology and sound rooms surround you at 88.7 The Pulse. I’ve been teetering with the idea of doing a podcast for fun and guess what? The Pulse has podcast rooms and equipment you can come and rent to use on a reasonable hourly rate! The same goes for other music recording equipment and radio technology.


If you haven’t had the pleasure yet, you should totally look them up and check out what they have to offer! Donate to the school to be part of this awesome movement, or just turn on the radio and shake your hips. I know I am!



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