TapHouse Kitchen – Gastropub on a whole other level

I am so thrilled to announce the addition of TapHouse Kitchen to the Elite family of restaurants. Why, you ask? Because the menu is out-of-this-world-delicious and the atmosphere is inviting and exciting. You hear the words “TapHouse” and “gastropub” and you might think you’ve got it all figured out but there is so much more to this menu than the usual gastropub suspects. This spot is dedicated to the “anti-bar food” by providing local sourcing and a full scratch kitchen to provide it’s dishes. Even the dairy is local and all desserts are made in-house.


I’ll start with brunch as an example of the incredible uniqueness of this year-old local gem. This is a perfect place to spend your weekend afternoon (9am-3pm) by hitting the Bloody Mary bar or enjoying a Blood Orange Mimosa with your Crème Brulee French Toast. Yes, you read that correctly. Obviously this is where you will find me on the weekends because they have successfully combined my favorite dessert with my all-time-favorite breakfast dish.

Lunch and dinner at TapHouse will make decision-making difficult for you so bring a large group and order one of everything! Along with General Manager Matt Vega, Chef Patrick Karvis sat with me as we discussed the top 2 dishes that showcase this menu. I could tell this wasn’t an easy task for Chef as he pondered over all the incredible dishes he had to choose from; no doubt passionate about all of them. He settled on 2 items; Chicken & Dumplings, and the TapHouse “Signature” Burger. The Chicken & Dumplings are chicken, gnocchi, braised carrots, sugar snap peas, roasted corn, and a white wine mustard sauce. The fluffiness of the gnocchi and diverse flavor profile of this dish create a lighter version of a seemingly-familiar concept. The TapHouse “Signature” Burger is 100% angus beef, manchego cheese, apple wood smoked bacon, little gem, vine ripened tomato, caramelized shallots, and roasted garlic aioli on a challah bun. Chef Patrick explained his choice for the challah bun and it made my mouth water! A lot of restaurants tend to go for the brioche bun but Chef Patrick didn’t want to be typical. Challah is soft and fluffy but provides that beautiful crunch on the outside that we crave. He’s not trying to fill you with bread but provide you with just enough to compliment the flavors of the burger beautifully. I don’t know about you, but challah bread is on my list of favorites and the fact that they use this for their burgers makes me want to grab my friends and family and head there right now!


Not only does TapHouse have 22 hand crafted beers, they hold tasting events and pairings to showcase them individually! They also have 5 wines on draft (yes, you also read that correctly), as well as Jameson, High West, and Maker’s Mark. Chef Patrick has even gone as far as to infuse the beer in to the house dressing! Take a second look at the menu and you will notice that EVERY DISH is accompanied by a suggested BEER AND WINE pairing. Talk about making ordering easy – sheesh.

Aside from the menu, I must mention how cool it was to find out that they even locally-sourced the wood and incredible chandeliers that hang throughout the location. The wood was found nearby during a home’s remodel/renovation, and it was so beautiful and made so much more sense than wasting, that they purchased and repurposed it for their booths! The chandeliers are made of iron and repurposed wine/beer/spirit bottles of every color from brownish to green. A local Scottsdale blacksmith was commissioned to fasten them the way they envisioned and the magical end result makes me proud to be local.

Cheers and Bon Appétit, Food Lovers!

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  1. Ate here for my first Elite outing since the membership. The staff is friendly and keeps your drinks full. The fish and chips were excellent, light and flaky batter and firm white fish. I would order again. Husband had chicken and dumplings, which he liked but said it needed salt. Easy fix! I would recommend to other Elite members as worth the trip.

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